This blog is my personal journey toward becoming a better person. A better husband, father, friend, and chaser of dreams. By sharing that journey I hope to connect with other people taking a similar path, whether it is through provoking thought, discussion in the comments, or just relating to my words.

I am planning to share my take on various aspects of our dueling analog and digital selves, links/quotes/brief commentary on awesome (related) posts I find on the web, and occasionally some ephemera from my life.

I really hope you enjoy.



First and foremost, I am “Mr. Daddy” to my 3 girls (twins Zoey and Stella, plus their big sister – by 13 months – Lucy) and loving husband to my wife Melisa — who just happens to be an amazing science teacher. We currently live in Buffalo, NY, though we did spend 5+ years in Seattle, WA and almost 2 years in Rochester, NY, with two amazing cross-country trips in between.

I am an aspiring buddhist, though more for the philosophical aspects and approach to life. I enjoy cooking AND eating good food. I’ve discovered a love for comic books, especially anything X-Men, at the ripe age of 36. I also love music, obsessing over iPhone apps and productivity, and riding my bike.

My current day job involves UX design for an international science equipment distributor. In my spare time, I work on Eko Wave, a niche affiliate marketing company I formed with two friends (and current co-workers at the day job.) We’re currently working hard to turn the latter into the former.